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Review Article

Holistic sexuality post gynaecological cancer treatment: A review of recent literature  
Sorrel C. Pitcher, Tracey Adams, Leon van Wijk, Nazia Fakie, Rakiya Saidu, Lynette Denny, Jennifer Moodley
28 June 2018

Original Research

Epidemiological review of childhood cancers in central Sudan  
Moawia M.A. Elhassan, Ahmed A. Mohamedani, Nada O. Yousif, Nafessa M. Elhaj, Ibrahim Qaddoumi, Dafalla O. Abuidres
03 April 2018

Original Research

Breast-conserving therapy for breast carcinoma: Margins, re-excision and recurrence rates  
Pueya R. Nashidengo, Eugenio Panieri, Lydia Cairncross
19 February 2018

Case Report

A rare case of odynophagia  
Yusuf Moolla, Lavanya Naidoo
22 January 2018

Original Research

Effect of a breast navigation programme in a teaching hospital in Africa  
Bahaty Riogi, Ronald Wasike, Hassan Saidi
31 October 2017